[ 5th January 2021 ]

Book Online for Great Deals on 2021 Events and Family Fun!

2020 is behind us now, and for most of us, that means looking ahead to 2021 with excitement. 2020 was a difficult year for many people – which means that plenty of us will be looking towards 2021 events as soon as possible! At Owlerton Stadium, we can’t wait to start welcoming you all back to some fantastic racing action.

We’re well-known for offering some of the best family events Sheffield has to offer. Owlerton is more than just a greyhound racing track! Thanks to our popular Panorama Restaurant and our family packages, we’re always ready to lay on the fun. We’ve had to make a few big changes in 2020, but we’re already lining up some big surprises for you after the New Year.


Looking Forward to 2021 Events? Book Online with Owlerton

Our 2021 schedule will have plenty of excitement for the whole family, so if you are looking for the best family day out Sheffield has to offer in 2021, make sure to book well in advance via our website.

Until guidelines change, you won’t be able to pay for general admission and other facilities on the door. Therefore, we encourage you to book your birthday event or day out via our online service, which is secure, quick, and easy to use.

While restrictions may be in place right now, 2021 is looking brighter than ever. We’re still working hard behind the scenes to line up events that you’re going to want to book for after the festive season. As always, keep in touch with Owlerton online – including via our social accounts – to be the first to know about new races and themed events!


A Great Value Family Day Out in Sheffield

In 2021, we’re going to keep focusing on bringing you fantastic value entertainment. As well as continuing to offer racing action on select days of the week, we’re going to keep rolling out our 6 Pack Plus deal, a brilliant family offer where you can claim full stadium admission, a racecard, a drink, a basket meal and a table for the evening – all from just £8 per person. We even have a kids’ version of the deal available, minus the bet and drink of course!

Dinner Party

We’re also keeping our birthday bookings open too, which will be valid from January 2021 onwards. You’ll be able to claim a 6 Pack Plus deal or 3-course meal in the Panorama restaurant, completely free, if you book and visit us during your birthday month! Just make sure that you mention your birthday when you book, and to bring at least three other people with you. Don’t forget your ID when you arrive to claim your free offer!

We’re hoping to bring VIP and venue hire services back into full force in 2021. While VIP boxes are not available to book right now, once we are clear to open things back up to you, you’ll be able to secure your own private space for family and friends again.

Booking your family party or even just a day out for 2021 is a really good idea – as soon as you can! We know that many of you are chomping at the bit to really let your hair down this year. We really can’t blame you! Therefore, get together with the family over Zoom or Facetime and start planning out 2021 events that you can book online.


Owlerton is Always Here!

Here at Owlerton Stadium, we’re always looking to the future. We’re one of the biggest and best providers of family events Sheffield has to offer, and for that reason, we’re keeping our 2021 bookings open to all. If you’ve got a birthday or anniversary coming up, that’s all the more reason to take a look at our booking calendar now – and to secure your place with us for after the New Year.

We’d like to thank you all for keeping with Owlerton – and as soon as possible, we’ll be bringing you live racing, delicious menus, and the family fun we’re so famous for, once again. Let’s see 2020 out with a bang – and start looking forward to 2021 events and days out to help make up for what’s been a very strange year indeed!

Do also make sure to call Owlerton’s team now on 0114 234 3074 for more information on booking for 2021, or if you need assistance with our online booking system.

[ 3rd September 2020 ]

Unique Christmas Party Ideas in and Around Sheffield for 2020

Summer may still be rolling onwards, but now really is the time to start thinking about the festive season! Christmas really isn’t too far away, which means if you haven’t yet started looking into unique Christmas party ideas in the Sheffield area, you should make a point of researching venues for booking as soon as you possibly can. At Owlerton, we’re already making plans for Christmas and New Year – and you should, too!

2020 has been a strange year for most people to say the least – and this Christmas, we want to help make the festive season go out with a real bang. If you’re looking for Christmas party ideas Sheffield has to offer – ones which are a little bit different – why not take your friends, family, and colleagues to the races?

Let’s take a look at why booking in at Owlerton for Christmas might just be your best option for a festive party with a difference – as well as what else Sheffield has to offer for those of us looking to let our hair down in the months to come!


The Same Old Scene?

Sheffield is well known for being one of the most varied cities and scenes for all kinds of entertainment. Of course, it’s well known for its sport, from football to ice hockey – but plenty of Sheffield citizens will also tell you that the pub and club scene is well worth heading to.

But what if you’re tired of the same old nights out? Sheffield actually has plenty of hidden treats and goodies if you look closely enough. For example, there’s been a real boom in ping pong and pool over the years, as well as beer pong and other bar games.

You’ll also find that the city is absolutely thriving for group fun such as karaoke and quiz nights. There’s a great chance you’ll be able to find a quaint pub or two where you can let your hair down.

Of course, you might even want to play a few games at your local casino. Sheffield has an amazing gaming scene and casino line-up, meaning that if you’d prefer your Christmas party to be a little more luxurious, you can always dress up and hit the town.

But – wouldn’t you prefer to take a look at racing fun at your local greyhound stadium? Owlerton Stadium leads the way for flexible packages and trackside fun in Sheffield.


Why Choose Owlerton Stadium for Your Christmas Party?

Dinner Party

Owlerton Stadium always takes the time to really celebrate Christmas and New Year in style. As well as our team setting up stunning decorations and dressing, we have festive menus and drinks packages ready to go to help you whet your whistle.

Our Christmas Party Nights bring together the best of music, dancing and – of course – greyhound racing action. Once you’ve seen a race or two, make sure to stick around for our late bar and disco fun, where our resident DJ will be playing all the latest hits and classic tunes from the decades gone by. Our late bar and disco will be open every Friday and Saturday through the festive season barring Boxing Day, meaning that you’ll be able to come on down and get your groove on as the year winds down.

Owlerton offers a fantastic array of entertainment and refreshment that you really have to experience to believe. As well as bringing together trackside entertainment and spectacular at seat service, we’re here to make sure you benefit from a party atmosphere quite unlike any other.

Having opened back up safely following government guidelines regarding the coronavirus, Owlerton is ready to start opening up the dance floor and decks to Christmas party visitors. Now really is the time to start booking ahead.

Unique Christmas party ideas not coming thick and fast? Why not host your festive do at our comprehensive stadium and entertainment venue? Sheffield has plenty to offer festive revellers, but you’ve not had a Christmas party to remember until you’ve visited Owlerton.


Book Now For Christmas

Christmas is well on the way – it might seem as though summer has come and gone in a flash, but now’s the time to start embracing the approaching winter fun. Owlerton has tons of great Christmas party ideas Sheffield citizens can dive into right now. All you need to do is book online with us to confirm your place.

Break out the crackers, the party hats, and the betting slips – it’s time to spend Christmas with a difference down at Owlerton. Looking for a corporate Christmas event? Why not take advantage of our Sunday party nights for family, friend and working groups? Now is the time to start booking ahead.

[ 6th July 2020 ]

Looking for Quality Dining and Evening Entertainment in Sheffield? Try Owlerton Stadium

Sheffield is, of course, jam-packed with brilliant entertainment venues and bars. It’s often hard to know where to start! However, if you are looking for food, drink, and entertainment with a difference, you can’t go far wrong with a night out at Owlerton Stadium. Offering award-winning food, drink, and race entertainment, we are continuing to bring a brilliant selection of food, snacks and more to the people of Sheffield. Are you looking for evening entertainment Sheffield and elsewhere with a difference? It’s safe to say that the same old bars and restaurants can get a bit samey after a while.


Therefore, have you ever thought of spending a night at the dog track? Owlerton continues to welcome families, birthday parties and corporate groups alike all year around. However, we offer more than just dog racing. Why not take a closer look at some of our more popular packages and rates available right now?


Award-Winning Cuisine

restaurant_sideA first-class restaurant might not be the first thing you think of when you book a day or night at the races. However, Owlerton is always ready to change the way that people view racing fun and evening entertainment across Sheffield. It’s important to us that we continue to offer our guests a great service – not just in terms of the racing we host, but also in the quality of food and drink we prepare, too!


When booking in at our restaurant, you’ll have access to tasty treats and home-cooked food which really packs a punch. Instead of filling up on fast food elsewhere, it surely makes sense to sample some delicious fare that you can tuck into alongside a night full of racing fun.


Our Panorama Restaurant is the jewel in our crown. We love hosting guests here – offering a modern and sophisticated approach to family dining, you’ll be able to sample mouth-watering main courses in the form of sirloin steaks, hake fillets and bacon, vegetable, and chickpea Lancashire hotpots, and more besides.


Our kitchen team works incredibly hard to make sure that our food is of exceptional quality. What’s more, we take the time to listen to our customers, too. We want to ensure that we continue to deliver delicious desserts and more besides – and above all, we want to do so at incredible value to you. It’s part of what has helped us to win awards over the years!


Pick the Panorama Package

If you’re intrigued by our range of cuisine and culinary creations, it is likely a great idea that you check out our popular Panorama Package. Owlerton is always ready to help save you as much money as possible on your nights out and your dining experiences!


The Panorama Package will offer you three courses from our vast menu of choices, as well as a race card and up to four fantastic hours of greyhound racing fun. On top of this, you will also benefit from our superb waiting service and first-class care, meaning that even though you are buying into a package deal, there really is nothing stopping you from sampling the best in luxury hospitality.


Above all, the price of the Panorama Package is likely to tempt you! For all of the above, you can expect to pay as little as £13 per person. If you have a big celebration coming up, it might be just what you’re looking for to cut down on the cost of wining and dining with friends and family.


Although you are getting a great value deal, that doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from top class care and support. Our team at Owlerton is always friendly and hospitable. We love what we do, and we want nothing more to ensure that you can relax and have fun with us for less than you might expect elsewhere.


Extensive Views

VIP box 2

One of the best reasons to join us at Owlerton for a bite to eats is for our amazing views of the track and beyond. As the name suggests, the Panorama Restaurant offers just that – a stunning panorama of all the racing fun and action to come. What worth is there in setting up a restaurant at a greyhound stadium if you can’t experience the thrill of the racing while you relax?


Families love heading to Owlerton not only for the great savings and packages, but also for the unique atmosphere and overall experience. Those who have never sampled dog racing before may find it tempting to think that there’s little more to a night out than just a few races.


Naturally, it’s our job to help change these perceptions! At Owlerton Stadium, we want to make sure that our restaurant services continue to offer an unbelievable standard of care. Therefore, if you are thinking of welcoming a large party of friends along with you to celebrate your big day, you can rely on us to make things extra special.


Great Value, Great Fun

There is lots of evening entertainment Sheffield has to offer. However, how much of it really comes close to a fantastic night out at the dog track? Owlerton Stadium has established itself as a marvellous restaurant, bar and family fun venue which is open to enjoy throughout the year.


If you are stuck for new and exciting ways to spend your evenings in Sheffield, why not consider going a bit left of field? We offer responsible, affordable greyhound racing alongside some of the most affordable dining and drinks experience the city has to offer. What’s more, as a family-friendly environment, you can be sure that we are always on top of providing a safe yet exciting atmosphere.


Owlerton inarguably presents the absolute best in flexible entertainment and social fun that Sheffield stands to benefit from. Why not take a closer look at some of our packages and services? Fed up of the same old nights out and parties in the city? Time to head to the dogs and to sample our amazing menus!

[ 3rd February 2020 ]

Why Attend One of Our Speedway Racing Events?

If you’ve ever been to Owlerton Stadium before, you’ll know that we are Sheffield’s home for greyhound racing. However, did you know that we also host more than just dogs at our track? From March to October this year, Owlerton will be proud to host races as part of 2020’s Speedway season. One of the most exciting motorsports available to enjoy in the UK right now, we’re proud to have been a part of the Speedway scene since we first opened. Believe it or not, we’ve been around for nearly 100 years! So too, has Speedway.

If you’re visiting us at any point between March and October, you might want to head on down and take in a Speedway race or two. If you’ve never watched speedway up close before, it’s a really exhilarating experience! Cheer on your favourite riders and revel in the atmosphere. You really can’t beat it.


The Thrill of the Race

speedway racingPeople love flocking to Owlerton for our amazing greyhound racing facilities. However, more and more people across South Yorkshire are taking the time to check out a few of our alternative sports and events. Speedway racing, for example, might seem a bit out of the ordinary for a lot of people. It’s a bit different to a night or two at the dogs! However, we think it’s just as exciting, in a completely different way.
Speedway racing is high-octane and easy to get into. The racers we host here are always ready to tear around and put on a great show! It’s a fairly long season, however, Owlerton is one of the premier stadiums and venues to watch these races unfold in the UK right now. Certainly, we’re proud to be Sheffield’s most popular racetracks. For that reason, we’re pleased to present a variety of different racing experiences for all our visitors.

If you fancy something a little bit different to watching and betting on dogs, all you need to do is head down every Thursday. From 7:30pm, the racing action starts – but we open our doors at 6.30pm, so make sure to get on down and secure your place before the riders start revving up.


Fantastic Food and Drink

Steak mealAnother reason why so many people choose Owlerton Stadium for racing and sporting fun is our hospitality. We want to offer spectacular views and atmosphere to all our guests, as well as food and drink that’s affordable and delicious at the same time. As you may already know, we offer many drinks packages that you can order in advance.

However, on a Thursday evening, you can settle yourself down in the Panorama Restaurant mid-racing and tuck into a fantastic carvery dinner. Our chefs are always ready to serve up some delectable Thursday night menus, meaning that if you’re hungry for more than just a bit of racing action, we’ll see you right.

Our Panorama Restaurant, as well as our wider boxes and suites, give you fantastic vantage over the racing below. There’s no better way to take in speedway racing than from the comfort of our fantastic hospitality spaces. Therefore, when you’ve taken in enough of the trackside fun, why not head upstairs and indoors? Our friendly team is always ready to help you settle in for some racing with a luxury twist. What a great way to spend your Thursday evenings!


Thursdays Are No Longer Boring

Thursday is a day of the week no one is really that bothered about. It’s the bridge between Wednesday and Friday that just sort of clings around! Therefore, we want to make a big change. We want the people of Sheffield to start loving Thursdays – and for that reason, we’re hosting 2020’s biggest and best speedway races right here at Owlerton Stadium.

Whether you’re heading over from work or have a long weekend off, Owlerton is ready to share the pinnacle of high octane racing with you. We’re regularly hosting the Sheffield Tigers on Thursday evenings, meaning you’ll get the pick of the racing crop from the local area. Racing is electric fun. Find a favourite rider and cheer them on to the finish line!

Thursdays at Owlerton Stadium are just as fun as any other day. Thanks to our Speedway events and calendar, it’s now going to be the highlight of many people’s weeks! What’s more, it’s now a great day to take advantage of some fantastic hospitality and big drinks packages. You could even tie in a party or a gathering with a Speedway visit. Why not hire a booth or a suite to watch all the action from?


Keep an Eye on the Calendar

The Speedway racing season is just getting started. Therefore, it’s high time you took a look at what’s coming up on our calendar. With fair pricing and fantastic facilities available, there is no better way to start taking in some of Sheffield’s most exciting racing events.

Owlerton Stadium is a venue that’s much loved for a variety of reasons! We play host to many different races and plenty of different events. Take a look at what’s coming up, book yourself a package and maybe even consider setting up in a suite or private box! We’re here to make Thursday evenings magical for all our visitors. Give us a call on 07812 622573 for more information.


[ 24th December 2019 ]

5 Reasons Why We Have One of the Best Birthday Party Venues in Sheffield

If you’re a Sheffield native, there’s a good chance you already know how lively the city and general area can be! There is a fantastic choice of party venues Sheffield has on offer, as well as stacks of great entertainment packages. However, what many Sheffield venues can lack is that unique experience. Here at Owlerton Stadium, we are always proud to present unique birthday parties Sheffield locals and greyhound racing fans can take part in all year round. As well as being a big name in the Christmas and New Year party scene, we are also well-known for our fantastic, flexible birthday packages.

But what are some of the great reasons why you should hire Owlerton Stadium above all other birthday party venues Sheffield has to offer? Here are just five to help you get started.


There’s Nothing Quite Like Trackside Entertainment

Chances are you’ve probably been to a birthday party or two in your life – but how many of them have taken place in full view of a glorious greyhound track? Of all the party venues Sheffield has to offer, Owlerton Stadium presents incredible at-seat entertainment that’s always unique. There is nothing quite like taking in the thrill of dog racing on your special day.

With our packages and boxes, you can celebrate your birthday in style with a front-row seat to watch your dogs come in. Whether you win or not, you will always be guaranteed of a great time. Not many Sheffield venues will cater you for food and drink quite like Owlerton – and the best part is, you can pay for much of your menu before you arrive!


You’ll Get a Freebie on Us

Owlerton Stadium is proud to offer birthday visitors a free three-course meal, or a free six-pack admission, when their special day rolls around. This means you are completely covered when you visit us during the month of your birthday! To activate this deal, all we ever ask you to do is sign up to our email subscriber list. Within 24 hours of submitting your details to us, we will deliver a voucher to you that’s valid across the year. What a great way to celebrate a milestone birthday!

You can opt out of our email list at any time, but why would you want to? We will keep you up to date on all of our latest deals and events. What’s more, we will always be ready to show you why we offer some of the best birthday parties Sheffield has to offer – bar none.


Wine and Dine

Some people may assume that a birthday night out at a greyhound stadium is all about the dog racing. That really isn’t the case! We are always pleased to host birthday parties in our exquisite restaurant and lounge bars, meaning that you and your party can sit back and relax with a delicious menu of food and access to some of the finest bubbly this side of the Pennines. How many other Sheffield party venues give you access to a full menu and drinks package as well as full view of some exhilarating racing? Not many!

Our restaurant and drinks packages are flexible and affordable for parties of varying sizes. Therefore, do always take your time to look through our packages and to let us know if you have any queries or concerns. Our fabulous restaurant is perfect for birthdays, with at-seat service and a superb selection of food and drink ready for you to sample at your leisure. It’s a great way to get the party started, and other birthday party venues Sheffield has to offer don’t go anywhere near as wild as us!


Choose a Private Box

If you’d prefer to keep your celebration closed-off and between a select group of family and friends, we are always only too happy to oblige. We want to make sure your birthday party is completely tailored to your wants and needs. Therefore, if you’d like to take in the racing from your own VIP lounge or box, you can! We offer amazing competitive prices on all our boxes throughout the year, as well as on our hospitality suites, so we encourage you to get in touch as soon as possible to book and avoid disappointment.

There are plenty of great ways to celebrate your birthday at Owlerton Stadium. However, we perfectly understand that some people will want to celebrate in style! Our hospitality suites and private boxes are more affordable than you may think, and what’s more, you and your guests will benefit from wonderful buffet and bar facilities while you watch the races.


The Night Doesn’t End with Racing

birthday party venues sheffieldOwlerton Stadium is right next door to the fabulous Sheffield branch of Napoleons Casino, which means when the racing is over, you can take your birthday bash up to the next level. Pop your birthday troupe next door and take on some roulette, blackjack, craps, slots and more. We’re proud to be so close to one of Sheffield’s finest gaming establishments.

In our collective opinion, nothing beats a birthday bash that offers you tons of excitement and great memories. As one of the top party venues Sheffield has for you to discover, we want to make sure you also have the chance to explore the biggest and brightest sights the city is known for. Napoleons is just the start, however, it will be massively convenient to many that this full Vegas lounge is just next door!


Book With Us

We hope we’ve given you a nice taste of what to expect from your birthday party at Owlerton Stadium. We are flexible and friendly. If the idea of a night at the races appeals to you, it’s time you get in touch with one of the leading providers of birthday parties Sheffield has to offer. Call us now on 0114 234 3074 to learn more, or book your bash online to get ahead of the pack!

[ 12th March 2019 ]

Construction work starts on £5.5m events and conference venue

Construction work has now commenced on the new £5.5m purpose-built events and conference venue, The OEC, in Sheffield.

Located between Napoleons Casino and Owlerton Sports Stadium, The OEC will feature a range of multi-purpose suites, catering for up to 500 guests.

WMA Architects has been taking the lead on the project, and construction company Harris CM has started work on the venue, which is due to open this autumn.

The multi-million pound development is being spearheaded by leisure and hospitality operator the A&S Leisure Group.
OEC outside visual (3)
Mark Allen, chief executive at the A&S Leisure Group, said: “We’ve had a vision for this venue for some time now and we’re excited to finally get cracking with the build stage.

“With an excellent reputation for offering great leisure and hospitality at Owlerton Stadium and at our four Yorkshire casinos and restaurants, this multi-million-pound development will only add to that.”

The venue’s Rivelin Suite will be fully adaptable with the capacity to hold up to 500 guests, or can be split up into three separate suites for anywhere between 100 to 250 guests.

The four VIP Hospitality Boxes will offer panoramic views of Owlerton Stadium and can seat up to 20 delegates.

Allen added: “Our time has been spent getting the right team in place to deliver this project, from local Yorkshire suppliers and contractors, to the appointment of Venue Director, Gary Cook.

“Gary’s reputation for delivering outstanding venues and events around the region precedes him. His previous role at Chesterfield Football Club saw him launch the new £15m stadium and we’re confident he will help drive our vision forward making The OEC one of Yorkshire’s finest events and conference venues.”

[ 25th June 2018 ]

Owlerton Greyhound Stadium wins ‘family friendly’ award

Owlerton Greyhound Stadium proved its family friendly credentials yet again after picking up a major prize at the 2018 Westside Restaurant and Bar Awards, held at Baldwins Omega on Monday 4 June.
This Sheffield venue won the Best Family Friendly award, presented for the venue’s versatile menu options and the welcome it offers to guests from all generations.
Race nights at the stadium take place every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday evening, during the day on Mondays and Thursdays and selected Sundays and bank holidays.
And Owlerton managing director John Gilburn said there is always something for all the family: “We were very surprised to win as we didn’t know we’d been nominated in the category, however it’s a fitting award as we do try to have something for all the family to enjoy.
“Our catering is spot on and the staff are great – it’s the atmosphere we create. You can be in the restaurant and the dogs are running and everyone has got their knives and forks in the air and they’re shouting at the dogs to win.
“Everybody loves coming to the dogs from grandparents to grandchildren. Children just love the dogs and they are really good pets. They want to go and feed them and stroke them and cheer them on.”
Owlerton has recently submitted plans for a £5m banqueting suite, which will become one of the largest entertaining and conference spaces in the city and create up to 200 jobs.
The significant investment by stadium owners A & S Leisure Group Ltd. is part of a company restructuring, which will also see a new casino being built in Manchester at the China Town end of Portland Street.
Work is set to start on the 500-capacity banqueting suite in early June and it is expected to open by Easter 2019. Sheffield-based WMA Architects have been commissioned for the project.
Currently the stadium operates four trackside bars – including the popular Paddock Bar which leads directly on to the trackside terracing to experience the real buzz of greyhound racing and the Panorama Bar, which has one of the best views of the finish line.
The Panorama Bar is next to the critically-acclaimed, 300-cover, glass-fronted Panorama Restaurant where diners enjoy a seasonal menu prepared by highly experienced chefs in Sheffield’s largest restaurant.

Picture credit: Mark Rodgers for RMC Media.

Family Friendly Award Winners
Released on behalf of Owlerton Greyhound Stadium by HR Media Ltd. For more information contact Richard Fidler or Joe Bamford at HRM on 0114 252 7778 or

[ 1st June 2018 ]


Owlerton Greyhound Stadium, today, happily handed over a long lost picture to the world’s first football club – Sheffield FC. The picture was taken in 1909 from the pre-season tour of the Channel Islands and was recently discovered at the Greyhound Stadium.

Dave Perry, General Manager at the Stadium, explained ‘We are not quite sure how it came to be in our possession, it could well have been left here since the old playing days of the 1890s, when Sheffield FC used to play their home games here at Owlerton, but once we discovered it I got in touch with Richard and was more than happy to see it returned to them. History like this is invaluable but when you have the world’s first football club on your doorstep, it’s even more important that the heritage and memories are retained’.

Richard commented;

‘We were delighted when Dave contacted the Club regarding the picture, not only because we were happy to see it again but also to re connect with Owlerton Stadium who provided the Club with a home and a lifeline in what were dark times. I hope that the picture can inspire a promising new partnership between our two historical institutions.’


Sheffield FC & Owlerton Satdium



Released on behalf of Owlerton Stadium & Sheffield FC.

For more information contact

David Perry on 0114 2343074 or

Richard Tims on 07881 640044 or


[ 11th May 2018 ]

£5M Banqueting Suite Planned For Owlerton Stadium

A3 template-land

Sheffield’s Owlerton Greyhound Stadium has submitted plans for a £5m banqueting suite, which will become one of the largest entertaining and conference spaces in the city and create up to 200 jobs.

The significant investment by stadium owners A & S Leisure Group Ltd. is part of a company restructuring, which will also see a new casino being built in Manchester at the China Town end of Portland Street.

Work is set to start on the 500-capacity banqueting suite in early June and it is expected to open by Easter 2019. Sheffield-based WMA Architects have been commissioned for the project.

Owlerton managing director John Gilburn said: “This is an important development in the long history of Owlerton Greyhound Stadium and it will provide us with the most modern banqueting and conference facilities in the city.

“For some time, Sheffield has lacked a venue with the flexibility that this will provide. This will give us the ability to host weddings, conferences, large banquets, indoor sporting events and concerts.

“We believe that the new development will prove very popular both on our Tuesday, Friday and Saturday night race nights as well as during the working week.”

The banqueting suite will be built on the site of the Hare and Hounds bar with the terraced area at the finish line end of the track also making way for the new development.

John said: “The way it has been designed will allow for the top floor suite to be open for 500 guests or split into rooms of 250, 150 and 100 people capacities providing fantastic views across the track.

“On the same level will be five brand new executive boxes which will cater for 20 people per box. These, too, can be made into one large executive box for 100 guests. Our existing executive boxes will remain in place until the new development is open and a new entrance will be in place until building work is completed.”

A & S Leisure Group recently closed the iconic Napoleons casino on Ecclesall Road in Sheffield and also sold the Napoleons Casino in Leicester Square, London. However, chairman Dave Allen says the investment at Owlerton Stadium demonstrates his company’s commitment to the city.

He said: “It was a tough decision to close Napoleons, Ecclesall Road, after 42 years of business but the world moves on. I believe this investment in Owlerton Stadium is game-changing for Sheffield’s banqueting facilities and will enable us to concentrate on our provincial operations.

“We already have a tremendous reputation for hospitality at the stadium and this multi-million-pound development will only add to that. I am very excited about the future for both Owlerton and the Napoleons casino we operate adjacent to the stadium.

“John and the team at Owlerton Stadium have worked hard on the plans for the new banqueting suite and I can’t wait for it to open next Easter.”

Kelvin Fallow from WMA Architects said: “It is great to be involved with this project. Owlerton Stadium is an iconic venue for many people across our region so we’re determined to design a banqueting suite which provides the flexibility required for the many different forms of entertainment that the stadium wants to offer in this new building.”

Race nights at the stadium take place every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday evening, during the day on Mondays and Thursdays and selected Sundays and bank holidays.

Currently the stadium operates four trackside bars – including the popular Paddock Bar which leads directly on to the trackside terracing to experience the real buzz of greyhound racing and the Panorama Bar, which has one of the best views of the finish line.

The Panorama Bar is next to the critically-acclaimed, 300-cover, glass-fronted Panorama Restaurant where diners enjoy a seasonal menu prepared by highly experienced chefs in Sheffield’s largest restaurant.

[ 18th April 2018 ]

Owlerton chief ‘honoured’ after election as industry association committee chairman

John Gilburn - Owlerton Stadium, Sheffield

Owlerton Greyhound Stadium’s managing director has described his election as chairman of the executive committee to the industry’s national promoters’ association as ‘an honour’.

Owlerton Greyhound Stadium chief John Gilburn, 65, has been elected chairman of the Executive Committee of the Racecourse Promoters Association (RCPA) Ltd, a panel which oversees media rights involvement and marketing initiatives for the association’s 22 member tracks across the UK.

John’s appointment comes following three years spent serving as a member of the Executive Committee.
As part of his increasingly influential role at the RCPA, which was formed in 1988, the Owlerton chief, along with four other committee members, will also be able to make decisions and recommend actions to the industry’s regulatory body, the Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB).

John, who is also a director of the GBGB, said: “It’s a genuine honour to have been elected chairman of the Executive Committee of the Racecourse Promoters Association.

“It’s also a huge step forward for Owlerton Greyhound Stadium. Traditionally, Owlerton has been a major player in the greyhound racing industry, but this will further raise its profile and enhance its growing and developing role among the 22 RCPA member tracks.
“We’re delighted that Owlerton has been recognised as such an important part of the industry, and I’m excited for what the future holds, both for Owlerton and for the industry as a whole.”

With more than 30 years’ experience in senior operational management within the leisure industry under his belt, John joins representatives from greyhound stadiums at Nottingham, Swindon & Poole, Yarmouth and Pelaw Grange in Durham on the committee.
The step up in John’s role within the association also further enhances Owlerton’s stance as a major industry player, giving Yorkshire’s premier racing venue the opportunity to continue playing a key role in influencing the development, growth and progression of the greyhound industry.