[ 3rd September 2020 ]

Unique Christmas Party Ideas in and Around Sheffield for 2020

Summer may still be rolling onwards, but now really is the time to start thinking about the festive season! Christmas really isn’t too far away, which means if you haven’t yet started looking into unique Christmas party ideas in the Sheffield area, you should make a point of researching venues for booking as soon as you possibly can. At Owlerton, we’re already making plans for Christmas and New Year – and you should, too!

2020 has been a strange year for most people to say the least – and this Christmas, we want to help make the festive season go out with a real bang. If you’re looking for Christmas party ideas Sheffield has to offer – ones which are a little bit different – why not take your friends, family, and colleagues to the races?

Let’s take a look at why booking in at Owlerton for Christmas might just be your best option for a festive party with a difference – as well as what else Sheffield has to offer for those of us looking to let our hair down in the months to come!


The Same Old Scene?

Sheffield is well known for being one of the most varied cities and scenes for all kinds of entertainment. Of course, it’s well known for its sport, from football to ice hockey – but plenty of Sheffield citizens will also tell you that the pub and club scene is well worth heading to.

But what if you’re tired of the same old nights out? Sheffield actually has plenty of hidden treats and goodies if you look closely enough. For example, there’s been a real boom in ping pong and pool over the years, as well as beer pong and other bar games.

You’ll also find that the city is absolutely thriving for group fun such as karaoke and quiz nights. There’s a great chance you’ll be able to find a quaint pub or two where you can let your hair down.

Of course, you might even want to play a few games at your local casino. Sheffield has an amazing gaming scene and casino line-up, meaning that if you’d prefer your Christmas party to be a little more luxurious, you can always dress up and hit the town.

But – wouldn’t you prefer to take a look at racing fun at your local greyhound stadium? Owlerton Stadium leads the way for flexible packages and trackside fun in Sheffield.


Why Choose Owlerton Stadium for Your Christmas Party?

Dinner Party

Owlerton Stadium always takes the time to really celebrate Christmas and New Year in style. As well as our team setting up stunning decorations and dressing, we have festive menus and drinks packages ready to go to help you whet your whistle.

Our Christmas Party Nights bring together the best of music, dancing and – of course – greyhound racing action. Once you’ve seen a race or two, make sure to stick around for our late bar and disco fun, where our resident DJ will be playing all the latest hits and classic tunes from the decades gone by. Our late bar and disco will be open every Friday and Saturday through the festive season barring Boxing Day, meaning that you’ll be able to come on down and get your groove on as the year winds down.

Owlerton offers a fantastic array of entertainment and refreshment that you really have to experience to believe. As well as bringing together trackside entertainment and spectacular at seat service, we’re here to make sure you benefit from a party atmosphere quite unlike any other.

Having opened back up safely following government guidelines regarding the coronavirus, Owlerton is ready to start opening up the dance floor and decks to Christmas party visitors. Now really is the time to start booking ahead.

Unique Christmas party ideas not coming thick and fast? Why not host your festive do at our comprehensive stadium and entertainment venue? Sheffield has plenty to offer festive revellers, but you’ve not had a Christmas party to remember until you’ve visited Owlerton.


Book Now For Christmas

Christmas is well on the way – it might seem as though summer has come and gone in a flash, but now’s the time to start embracing the approaching winter fun. Owlerton has tons of great Christmas party ideas Sheffield citizens can dive into right now. All you need to do is book online with us to confirm your place.

Break out the crackers, the party hats, and the betting slips – it’s time to spend Christmas with a difference down at Owlerton. Looking for a corporate Christmas event? Why not take advantage of our Sunday party nights for family, friend and working groups? Now is the time to start booking ahead.

[ 19th December 2019 ]

Looking for Bars in Sheffield? Here’s Why Owlerton is the No 1 Choice!

It’s safe to say that there are plenty of bars in Sheffield. As one of the biggest university cities in the UK, you’ll find plenty of chain pubs, bars and even more than a few independent venues scattered around. The city is famous for its fantastic nightlife! However, have you considered heading to a bar in Sheffield that offers something a little bit different in terms of venue and entertainment? Bar crawls around Sheffield don’t have to be about just downing a few pints.

Owlerton Stadium is a fully-fledged greyhound racing centre, complete with a full restaurant and several bars for you to relax and unwind in. If the idea of taking time out to watch some dog racing really appeals to you, then make sure to take time at Owlerton to sample our fantastic bar menus and drinks selections. Not only that, but if you want to book a Christmas event with us, or even if you want to use us as a birthday party venue, we are here to welcome you.

Why Choose Our Bars?

drinks with friendsSure – there are plenty of great bars in Sheffield, but how many of them back onto a popular dog track? How many of them have a fabulous casino right next door? Not many of them, we’d wager! However, it’s not just the surroundings and the facilities you should look for in a great bar, it’s the atmosphere, too. Our on-site bars are laid-back and friendly, and what’s more, there is always tons of space for you to sit back and relax in. There’s nothing better than taking some time out to relax after a hard day at work, and we’re local enough for most professionals in Sheffield to come on down and sample our drinks deals and fantastic service.

Beyond this, our bars offer you the chance to use Owlerton as an exclusive Christmas party venue. Bookings are moving thick and fast, which means you are going to need to get in touch soon to make sure you confirm your place. Plenty of bars in Sheffield will be welcoming guests for Christmas and New Year, but few will offer the fantastic packages we offer.

Welcome small gatherings and huge bashes fit to bring in hundreds of people at any one time. We tailor Christmas and Birthday party packages to your needs, which means you can pre-book drinks and even match a meal deal or two in our fabulous restaurant. There’s no better way to make sure that all your guests are fed and watered. Beyond this, however, you should look for a venue that offers brilliant entertainment – and you can use our bespoke packages to enjoy dog racing while you’re here, as well as casino fun next door.

Three Fantastic Bars for Any Christmas Event

No matter the size or style of your Christmas event, it’s time to look closely at the bars we have on offer. Owlerton is not only pleased to welcome you to a variety of brilliant boxes for VIP racing, but also three separate bars and lounges, all of which you can enjoy through our well-known deals and packages. For example, you only have to spend a little money to access sour bars and racing action with our popular 6 Pack Party Package. Grab yourself a basket meal, a drink and a racing card – what more could you want? Well – take a look at our 6 Pack + deals, and you might just find a few upgrades that really tickle your fancy.

christmas party drinks

Our main Panorama Bar is sleek, stylish, and is very popular with visitors and guests who want to get the best eyeline on the dog racing. Visit this bar if you want to sit back and watch your winners come in while sipping a cocktail or two with friends. It’s one of the best Christmas party venue choices in the region, too.

Our Paddock Bar really does get you up close to the greyhound racing action. The bar actually opens up onto the trackside, meaning you get a genuine front-row seat to all the dogs racing past at any one time. For fans of greyhound racing, this bar and any Birthday party venue packages you buy into will be absolutely ideal. Few bars in Sheffield get you this close to live entertainment that is so electric and so addictive!

Last, but by no means least, is our Napoleons Bar. This is our biggest bar lounge, welcoming up to 400 guests. Therefore, if you want to host a huge Christmas event for your whole office, or for a particularly sizeable family gathering, you can go right ahead and book in with us today. The best thing about all our bars, of course, is the fact that you can use them both for casual nights out and for parties. With Christmas approaching, there’s never been a better time to cut loose and have some festive fun.

Book with Owlerton

If you’ve been looking around other bars in Sheffield and are struggling to find the perfect fit for your Christmas event, there’s no need to panic. Owlerton Stadium offers some fantastic packages and amazing hospitality. Just looking for a great night out? Want a birthday party venue that gives you a few extra memories to cherish for years to come? We make it our mission to help you settle into that party mood.

One of the best things about the bars at Owlerton Stadium is the fact that if you do want to move onto something different, we are just next door to Napoleons Casino. Therefore, you can cash in your dog racing winnings and stock up on some chips!

Owlerton Stadium is a fantastic Christmas party venue. We really go all out when it comes to welcoming in the festive season! Come on down and let us show you what we can do for your festive event. Book online, view our Christmas menu and call us on 0114 234 3074 for more information.